Bridal Guide: 25 Country Wedding Dresses

Country wedding dresses are a combination of naturalness and a simplicity with a romantic motive at the same time. This style includes a rustic roughness combined with fanciful chic details. In such kind of dresses, a tender beauty is combined with a refinement.

Rustic wedding dresses have a lot of pluses. The main one is a large selection of accessories and models, including plus size models. A simplicity and an unobtrusiveness form the basis of a country wedding style.

Lace wedding dresses are rather broad, in that most wedding dresses do feature some form of lace. But there are so many variations of lace and how it’s used. It can be romantic, sexy, nostalgic, and glamourous. It can be a small detail or top to bottom. You can opt for delicate lace or big, graphic statement lace. The options are endless, as they say.


A-line Bridal Dresses For Wedding

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A-line bridal dresses for wedding excludes a gloss and a splendor offered by the presence of crinoline, an abundance of riches and shining details. This style of the dress mainly has a floor length and pastel shades (milky, white or beige color). Decorative elements are appropriate but in very moderate quantities.


Simple Country Wedding Dresses

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This style impresses with simple lines, a minimum of decor, and a lack of pretentiousness. The airiness and lightness of such a wedding dress are also acceptable by the canons of the look. In any way, you will need accessories that allow you to bring in the look thematic notes (colorful beads or an interesting cape).


Country Bridal Dresses With Sleeves

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A style welcomes a presence of sleeves in a wedding dress. Charming country wedding dresses with sleeves are relevant for autumn ceremonies – transparent sleeves, tapering to a wrist of sleeves or sleeves in the form of flashlights. Do not be afraid to open the back, a little sexuality does not hurt anyone. Even a rustic wedding style is not against such elements.


Rustic Wedding Country Dresses

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Choosing a country style for the wedding dresses does not mean that you are depriving yourself of classics. Corsets, long lush skirts, and lace are acceptable for western country wedding dresses. In order for your dress to match a country wedding style, it is enough to decorate it with a fringe.

Country Western Dresses For Wedding

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There is a variety of accessories to the country wedding dresses. Accessories in Indian style are baubles, bead patterns, wooden earrings, and beads will suit well. Also bridals like leather belts with a large buckle. Do not make a bright, flashy makeup, because a peculiarity of a country wedding style is a naturalness. Therefore, it is better to give a preference to natural shades.


Vintage Rustic Wedding Gown

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Vintage rustic wedding dresses should be comfortable and easy. Designers decorate dresses with magnificent flower-lace motifs, use models that resemble ancient dresses.