27 Amazing Boho Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Boho wedding dresses with sleeves are, probably, the most inspiring dresses for a romantic bride. Intricate lace, flowing fabrics, subtle ethnical touch and layers of semi-transparent tulle… All these features will make your image truly unforgettable. Boho style will be perfect for brides, planning an outdoor or a barnyard wedding. Boho dresses for weddings look stunning in a forest or any other natural background. They are perfect for those brides who don’t like sumptuous dresses. These light-flowing gowns will make you look both feminine and delicate.

There is a reason boho chic is one of the top trending wedding dress styles. We want you to feel like the happiest woman on your special day. A bridal gown is one of the most important details to consider.

In our gallery, we have collected all the trendy boho dresses. Hippie style, unique style, open back, and lace – we have them all. Take a look at these incredible boho wedding dresses and find the one you love. Happy pining!


Open Back Boho Style Wedding Dresses

Source: Grace Loves Lace, Wear Your Love Wear Your Love

Don’t be afraid to bare your back – a little sexuality won’t ruin your gorgeous wedding style. Open back bohemian style wedding dresses with sleeves are both highly sensual and modest. Just like greek wedding dresses, they are a piece of art of wedding fashion design. Try one of these bohemian wedding dresses on and don’t miss your chance to become that picture-perfect bride!


Gypsy Wedding Dresses Boho

Sources: Will Khoury Photography, Rue De SeineAsaf Dabush

Gypsy bohemian wedding dresses with sleeves encapsulate a whimsical and free-spirited allure. These dresses harmonize unconventional beauty with a nomadic charm, making them a captivating choice for brides seeking a unique wedding celebration.


Boho Beach Wedding Dresses

Source: Alicia RueDa Atelier, Aw Bridal. Dreamers and Lovers

Bohemian beach wedding dresses epitomize a carefree allure, blending relaxed silhouettes with organic textiles. Shoulder-baring styles and intricate embroidery evoke an unpretentious, romantic feel.


Boho Lace Wedding Dresses

Sources: Galia Lahav, Aw Bridal, Madi Lane

Lace long sleeve boho wedding dresses are among truly iconic classic wedding dresses, the very image of elegance and grace. Lace gives the fabric an expressive texture, creating a most refined look. One of my all-time favorites is a lace sheath bohemian dresses for weddings with sleeves. This image can be supplemented with jewelry in the hair, decorated with the same lace as the decor of the wedding dress.

Boho Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Source: Chosen by One Day, Aire Barcelona, Liz Martinez

Long sleeve wedding dresses boho is more than just a detail. This little feature creates harmony and a sense of completeness in the look. Also, boho wedding dresses with sleeves will be great for an outside ceremony, making them extremely popular among other country-style wedding dresses.


Barn Style Boho Bridal Gowns

Sources: Lovers Society, Dreamers and Lovers, Galia Lahav

In the last few years, planning a romantic barn wedding has become more and more popular. This wedding has a specific look and the dress must be appropriate. Barnyard wedding dresses are perfect because they look fantastic in the background of a rustic barn, and just imagine a bridal photo shoot in the hay.

Simple Boho Wedding Dresses

Sources: Danielle Frankel, Catherine Deane, Silvia Fernandez

Effortlessly enchanting, simple boho dresses wedding with sleeves encapsulate a rustic elegance. Whether featuring bell, long, or bishop sleeves, they effortlessly embody a bohemian grace.


Boho Rustic Wedding Dresses

Sources: Nadia Manzato, Wear Your LoveWear Your Love

Rustic boho chic wedding dresses with sleeves effortlessly blend a natural, down-to-earth elegance. Comprising earthy textures, delicate lace accents, and relaxed silhouettes, these gowns resonate with a rustic charm.