27 Bohemian Wedding Dresses For A Dreamy Look

Bohemian wedding dresses are popular among brides even nowadays. They have reflected something divine, light and fairy. This style is perfect for celebration on the beach, in the woods and under the stars. Bohemian dresses always look stylish and they are not so expensive. With a boho wedding gown, you will look amazing and beautiful on your wedding day.

Enjoy with us different styles of boho dresses and choose the most lovely!

Explore the beloved bohemian style wedding dresses, designed to captivate. With an array of options, brides can effortlessly find their ideal dress, tailored to their personal tastes and preferences. Unleash your free spirit on your special day.


Long Sleeve Boho Gowns

Source: Wear Your Love, Rue De Seine , Martina Liana

Long sleeve bohemian wedding dresses add a high degree of desired drama and flourish. Since the boho style is so flexible, brides have their choice of lace, illusion, long, or puff sleeves to fit their unique style. These dresses are a popular choice for brides who want a unique and effortlessly beautiful look on their big day.

Bohemian Lace Dresses

Source: Grace Loves Lace, Tali PhotographyNadia Manzato

Lace is a boho bride’s best friend. This feature can be used extremely sparingly or used throughout the entire gown. Whether you choose an entire gown or a simple highlight, a bohemian lace wedding dress is meant to be graceful.


Boho Beach Bridal Dresses

Source: Rosa Clara, Mischa Durrant Photography, Liz Martinez

This list of bohemian beach wedding dresses captures the essence of the bohemian lifestyle that not only looks gorgeous but allows brides to stay comfortable and cool as they celebrate their big day.

Casual Bohemian Dresses

Source: Asaf Dadush, Anna Campbell, Rue De Seine

Casual bohemian wedding dresses are a perfect choice for brides who want to embrace a carefree and bohemian vibe on their big day. These dresses often feature light fabrics, such as chiffon and lace, with flowy silhouettes and unique details like embroidery and fringe.

Simple Boho Wedding Gowns

Sources: Grace Loves Lace, Catherine Deane, Pronovias

Simple bohemian dresses for weddings exude effortless elegance and free-spirited charm. Embracing simplicity, they often feature open backs, ethereal sleeves, and subtle embellishments. Perfect for bohemian brides seeking a natural look, these dresses effortlessly blend comfort and style for an enchanting wedding day.


Open Back Bridal Dresses

Source: Joseph Willis Photography,  Rue De Seine, Berta

Bohemian brides have confidence. Show off their skin with a backless bohemian free spirit wedding dresses show that off in a big way. This is a fantastic choice for brides that embrace their sexuality and want their feminine empowerment to play a strong role in the overall look and feel of their gown

Romantic Boho Bridal Gowns 

Source: Rue De Seine, Dreamers and Lovers, Luce Sposa

Romantic bohemian wedding dresses are a dreamy option for brides who seek an ethereal and free-spirited look on their wedding day. These dresses often feature delicate lace, floral appliques, and flowing fabrics that create a whimsical and feminine feel.

Plus Size Bridal Dresses

Source: Watters, Studio Levana, Rebecca Schoneveld

Bohemian plus size wedding dresses celebrate the beauty of curves with their flattering designs and boho-inspired details. These dresses embrace flowy fabrics, intricate lace patterns, and romantic silhouettes, providing comfort and style for curvier brides.