21 Bohemian Wedding Dresses For Charming Brides

Bohemian wedding dresses are popular among brides even nowadays. They have reflected something divine, light and fairy. This style is perfect for celebration on the beach, in the woods and under the stars. Bohemian dresses always look stylish and they are not so expensive. With a boho wedding gown, you will look amazing and beautiful on your wedding day.


Enjoy with us different styles of boho dresses and choose the most lovely!

These components all add up to the quintessential boho style wedding dress. Each example we are showing is the result of decades worth of boho brides representing the beautiful cultural phenomenon. Your task is to find what you love and come up with the perfect combination of characteristics that add up to your perfect boho gown


Open Back Bridal Dresses For Bride

Source: Joseph Willis Photography,  Rue De Seine, Berta

Bohemian brides have confidence. Showing off their skin with a boho backless wedding dress shows that off in a big way. This is a fantastic choice for brides that embrace their sexuality and want their feminine empowerment to play a strong role in the overall look and feel of their gown


Bohemian Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Source: Rue De Seine, Rue De Seine , Martina Liana

Going sleeveless on the beach is more than acceptable. However, a boho wedding dress with sleeves adds a high degree of desired drama and flourish. Since the boho style is so flexible, brides have their choice of lace, illusion, long, or puff sleeves to fit their unique style.


Wedding Dresses For Beach Celebration

Source: Tali Photography, Grace Loves Lace, Liz Martinez

Bohemian brides love everything about nature, especially basking in the sun. This list of summer boho wedding dresses captures the essence of the bohemian lifestyle that not only looks gorgeous but allows brides to stay comfortable and cool as they celebrate their big day.

Outdoor or beach venues are usually preferred by boho brides. So, there’s a significant chance you will be very interested in what you find here.

Bohemian Beach Wedding Dresses

Source: Ruben Hernandez Costura ,Grace Loves Lace,, Stephanie Allin

Lace is a boho bride’s best friend. This feature can be used extremely sparingly or used throughout the entire gown. The choice is yours.

Whether you choose an entire gown or a simple highlight, a boho lace wedding dress is meant to be graceful. Make sure to duplicate your gown choices throughout the rest of the wedding decor and accessories to achieve consistency.

Romantic Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Source: Rue De Seine, Anna Georgina, Daalarna

When the bohemian style sprang into existence, the term ‘romanticism’ was defined by a deep appreciation for the beauties of nature and valuing emotion over intellect. This notion is perfectly personified by these lovely, romantic, elegant boho dresses. As you can see, romance is alive and well in the world of bohemian weddings.

Boho Free-Spirit Wedding Gowns

Sources: Dreamers and Lovers, Wear Your Love,, Galia Lahav

Because the bohemian spirit consists of a collection of styles and ideals from so many cultures and historical periods, it’s amassed mass appeal over the past few years. It has a little bit to offer to almost every bride. This means that there is no cookie-cutter solution to gown and decor decisions. You will have to come to your own conclusion.

Here are just a few inspirational examples of brides that made the boho style their own.