Blood Red Wedding Dresses

You mustiness determine if the blood stain on your dress is still wet or already dry since stain remotion methods will differ in each case. If it’s still wet, just moisten a cotton swab with spittle and use it to rub gently on the stain.

If it’s already dry, use h peroxide diluted with water (1:9 ratio) to dab gently at the stain and then followed by plain cold water once the blood starts to break down. Again, you may use either chalk or talcum powder to camouflage the stain.

Red became a symbol of passion and elation. Since there is no other vow to appear more profound than promising everlasting love and sacrifice to the one you love, the moment seems appropriate for dressing a blood red outfit.

Usually this option goes with roses of the same colors or even black roses. Another subtle matching can be set between these flowers and Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, who always appeared surrounded by them.

Being such a powerful and bold shade, there are not too many brides who can wear it. Red naturally shows self-confidence and the attraction of being under the spotlights & Red Wedding Dresses.