Dark Romance: 24 Gothic Wedding Dresses

Recently, “themed weddings” are gaining increasing popularity. Such a wedding looks much beautiful and more interesting. If you chose a gothic wedding, it doesn’t mean that the celebration will be gloomy or terrible. Gothic gowns don’t have to be black. Green, red or purple wedding dress looks great on any bride. Gothic wedding dresses don’t have any specific standards. Every girl chooses what she likes. Make your wedding original and unforgettable and surprise your guests.

Fairytale Gothic Bridal Dresses

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Modern Bridal Gowns For Gothic Wedding

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Red Bridal Gowns For Your Mystical Look

Source: Malyarova Olga , Juxhin Kurti Photography, LS via Instagram

Black And White Wedding Dresses

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Victorian Gothic Wedding Dresses

Source: Helen Warner PhotographyMalyarova Olga, Cocomelody

Wedding Dresses For Non-Traditional Bride

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Gothic Bridal Dresses With Tulle Skirt

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