30 Black Wedding Dresses That Will Strike Your Fancy

Black wedding dresses are the fashion trend for modern brides. It is a gorgeous choice if you bold girl with impeccable taste and a sense of style, not afraid of criticism and reproaches from others. Many designers used this color in their collections. Below, are black wedding gowns that will admire your imagination!

There’s a lot to consider when choosing black bridal dresses. Luckily, our friends at Wedding Forward have come up with some great Black Wedding Gowns With Edgy Elegance — so make sure to check out the post, before you put that pen to paper!


Black Lace Wedding Dresses

Source: Cocomelody, Maggie Sottero, Daalarna


Long Sleeve Black Wedding Gowns

Source: Suzanne Harward, Milla Nova, Beaute Comme Toi


Gothic Wedding Dresses

Source: Hermione de Paula, Sareh Nouri, Hamda Al Fahim


Black Boho Wedding Dresses

Source: Stylish Bride via Instagram, Anna Perevertaylo, Daalarna

Black Wedding Gowns For Wedding

Source: Prairie Willow Photography, MoonlightSweet Caroline Styles


Mermaid Black Bridal Dresses

Source: Said Mhamad Photography, Here Comes the Bride, Jarice Bridal

Black and White Wedding Dresses

Source: Emily Riggs, Martin Thornburg, Justin Alexander


Simple Black Bridal Gowns

Source: Said Mhamad Photography, Olivia Bottega, Stylish Bride via Instagram

Plus Size Black Dresses

Source: Maggie Sottero, Martin Thornburg, Maggie Sottero