39 Graceful Plus Size Wedding Dresses

A wedding is the most special occasion and to become a charming bride is a dream of every girl. If your figure isn’t standard, it doesn’t give you a chance to look elegant and charming. Today, you can see more and more new styles and fashion curvy flattering plus size wedding dresses. Designers created stylish and suitable plus size wedding dresses for various wedding themes.

So, here you’ll find beautiful rustic, boho, simple plus size dresses for a wedding in different silhouettes and amazing details!


Plus Size Vintage Wedding Dresses

Source: CocomelodyChris And Ruth Photography, MoriLee

Vintage plus size dresses to wear to a wedding offer timeless elegance and flattering silhouettes for brides seeking a touch of nostalgia on their special day. From 1920s Art Deco to 1950s retro glam, these vintage plus size wedding dresses celebrate every bride’s uniqueness in sizes that range beyond convention.


Plus Size Lace Wedding Dresses

Source: Casablanca Bridal, Cocomelody,, Maggie Sottero

Embracing both romance and sophistication, lace unconventional unique plus size wedding dresses cater to curvy brides, exuding elegance and ease. Intricate lace patterns gracefully drape over curves, blending timeless beauty with comfort. Whether enhancing a vintage-inspired gown or a contemporary mermaid silhouette, lace lends an enduring charm.

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Simple Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Source: Stella York, Rebecca Schoneveld, Studio Levana

Designed for those who value elegance in simplicity, simple plus size dresses for wedding epitomize understated beauty. Characterized by clean lines and subtle embellishments, these plus size simple wedding dresses enhance natural allure and personal charm. Also, white plus size wedding dresses for wedding are popular choices for traditional weddings.


Beach Wedding Dresses Plus Size

Source: Alexandra Grecco, Made With Love, George Elsissa

Embracing elegance and comfort, plus size beach wedding dresses offer flowing silhouettes, lightweight fabrics, and intricate details. These designs beautifully harmonize with the coastal setting, allowing every bride to showcase her style while commemorating love by the waves.

Bohemian Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Source: Anna Campbell, Grace Loves Lace, One Day

Exuding unbridled romance, boho wedding dresses plus size blend flowing fabrics, intricate lace, and unique embellishments, culminating in an ethereal and flattering allure. Tailored for brides who desire a whimsical, enchanting atmosphere, these unique plus size wedding dresses impeccably balance comfort and individuality, assuring a wedding day that’s exceptionally memorable and personal.


Plus Size Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Source: Studio LevanaMoriLee, Olivia Bottega

Radiating timeless elegance, long sleeves wedding dresses plus size effortlessly combine sophistication and comfort, celebrating and flattering fuller figures. These plus size long sleeve wedding dresses ensure each bride feels confident and radiant on her momentous day.

Sexy Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Source: Galit Robinik, MikaellaPaloma Bridal 

Exuding timeless beauty, sexy wedding dresses for curvy plus size embrace curves with grace. Their flattering neckline and supportive structure exude glamour. Embellished delicately, adorned with intricate lace, and crafted from flowing fabrics, these bridal gowns craft a striking ensemble. Brides confidently radiate elegance as they walk down the aisle, celebrating their special day.


Ball Gown Plus Size Bridal Dresses

Source: Mori Lee , Martin Thornburg , MoriLee

Redesigning elegance, ball gown wedding dresses for plus size women harmonize classic charm and contemporary sophistication, gracefully celebrating curves. Luxurious skirts, intricate details, and supportive bodices intertwine to create an enchanting and self-assured bridal appearance.

Plus Size Casual Wedding Dresses

Source:Ronald Joyce, Dror KontentoJenny Yoo

Casual wedding dresses plus size brides, available up to size 50, offer comfort and elegance. These designs often feature flowing fabrics, simple silhouettes, and flattering cuts. Perfect for relaxed ceremonies, these plus size wedding gowns blend style with ease, ensuring every bride feels beautiful on her special day.


Plus Size Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Source: Mikaella, Olivia Bottega, Leah Da Gloria

Mermaid plus size wedding dresses exude confidence and allure. These gowns beautifully embrace curves, featuring a fitted silhouette that flares at the knees, reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail.

Colored Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Source: Ronald Joyce, Ronald JoyceStudio Levana,

Plus size wedding dresses with color redefine bridal conventions, adding vibrancy and personality to the aisle. Whether it’s a subtle hint or a bold statement, colored accents or full gowns celebrate diversity and individuality, making every bride’s journey down the aisle uniquely enchanting and unforgettable.


Plus Size Black Wedding Dresses

Source: Jenny Yoo, Revelry, Revelry

Black wedding dresses plus size offer elegance and sophistication, celebrating individuality and defying tradition. They embrace curves with grace, exuding timeless beauty and confidence. With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, these dresses redefine bridal fashion, making a bold statement of love and empowerment on the big day.

Plus Size Short Wedding Dresses

Source: Jenny Yoo, Revelry, Revelry

Infusing modern flair into bridal elegance, plus size cocktail dresses for weddings celebrate curves with a touch of style. Brides confidently exude charm as they walk down the aisle, making a chic statement on their special day. Short plus size wedding dresses are the perfect choice for beach wedding.