7 Plus Size Camouflage Dresses

Plus size camouflage dresses are great for brides with curves who want their wedding to be truly original. They liven up the ceremony and bring on a certain charm. It is also a perfect choice for a countryside wedding. Traditional white dresses get dirty real quick when it comes to an outdoor photoshoot. A stained hem is not what you want to see in your wedding photos. Camouflage dresses were made for the countryside. Their original coloring would look natural in a forest or on a lake shore. So take a look at our collection of these stunning dresses and find your favorite!

It is very important to know the silhouette that flatters you most. An A-line wedding gown would flatter the curves and give you a most feminine look. Usually plus size brides are quite busty – so a square neckline could be the best option. It would keep everything in place and make you look sexy, but not too revealing.

Plus Size Camo Bridal Dress With Boots

Source: The Photography of Oz via Instagram

It might be hard to think of plus size pink camo wedding dresses accessories. Well, like any other countryside dress, camo looks perfect with leather boots. You might want to finish your look with a camo hair clip or a hairband. Anyway, remember your day – your rules! Shine bright!

Blue Camo Wedding Gown

Source: Camo Formal via Facebook

It doesn’t matter if you opt for cheap plus size camo wedding dresses, or prefer something more expensive. Why don’t you choose a blue dress to go as ‘something blue’? Blue camo is one of those plus size camouflage dresses that make you stand out. Forget about white: if you are into teal or turquoise – go for it.

Plus Size Bridal Dress With Orange Elements

Source: Camo Formal via Facebook

Plus size camo wedding dresses might have splashes of bright color to make their monotonous pattern even more original. This season wedding dresses with color accents are quite popular, and camo dresses are not an exception.

Light Purple Camo Wedding Dress

Source: Weddings in Camo 

If you want another example of some interesting color pattern, try purple and white wedding dresses plus size. Such dresses combine traditional white with elegant purple. They say that purple is the color of power, nobility, and luxury. Well, take a look for yourself!

Classy Plus Size Camouflage Dresses

Source: Camo Formal via Facebook

If you want to try more classy plus size camouflage dresses, don’t forget about the right underwear. You might want to try some tummy control panties for that extra smooth look. After all, this is your special day, you need to be picture-perfect!

Camo Wedding Dress With Corset

Source: Camo Formal via Facebook

If you are serious about that classical feminine A-silhouette, try corsets. Like any other wedding dress, camouflage wedding dresses come with corsets, that will make your waist seem smaller. Give yourself some extra curvy look!