18 Ideas For Long Bridesmaid Dresses

We have collected different shades of long bridesmaid dresses that are super versatile ad ultra-flattering to wear. You’ll find inspiration in our catalog, from the softer shades like blush, and champagne to the darker shades like rust, green and black tones. Picture yourself in one of these gorgeous dresses at the wedding!

The green color is very versatile and suitable for every wedding style, from nautical to boho, black tie or vintage weddings, and more. You’ll get the best out of this color when they are mixed and matched, ranging from the serene olive to apple, and the daring emerald. However, lime will work better on pastel skin tones than others.


Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: Revelry via Instagram, Mori Lee, Revelry via Instagram

Blue bridesmaid dresses long exude elegance and grace, complementing various wedding themes. From soft pastels to deep navy, these dresses flatter diverse skin tones and silhouettes. Whether in chiffon for a romantic touch or satin for sophistication, they ensure bridesmaids shine beside the bride on her special day.


Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: Made With Love, Pronovias, Alamour The label

Champagne bridesmaid dresses long are versatile enough to work for every dress code, wedding venue, and season. In addition, you can add gold sequins that will look whimsical in the morning and ultra-luxe at night. They look sophisticated in ballrooms, and majestic outdoors.


Pink Gowns For Bridesmaid

Source: True Bride, Nicole Milano, Alamour The label
Pink bridesmaid dresses long are extremely versatile. They enhance the natural beauty of every skin tone, every color and bridesmaid hairstyle, and every type of figure. This color is delicate, and feminine, and works well in all seasons, especially in springtime.


Rust Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Source: Leave Her Wilder, Rene Zadori Photography, Laura Dean Photography

Recently, variations of the rust bridesmaid dress are popping up all around the country. Rust tones are wholesome, and suit every skin tone, hair color, and wedding theme. You can wear this in any season and the color works well with most dress silhouettes. It’s a versatile, unexpected, passionate choice.

Long Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: Revelry via Instagram, Jenny Yoo, Zavana Bridal

Long black bridesmaid dresses are an ideal option for sophisticated, elegant weddings. It’s a classy yet feminine look. Deep black creates a dramatic vision that fills with endless enchantment. Besides, with the right combination of silhouette, fabric, and accessories, wedding bridesmaid dresses in black will feel right at home in an outdoor garden.