How To Choose Appropriate Wedding Guest Gowns

With wedding season just around the corner, chances are you need to buy some new wedding guest gowns. You need to make sure that you are purchasing a dress that is appropriate for the type of wedding you will be attending. There are so many styles of dresses to wear to a wedding that you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

Of course, you don’t want to draw attention away from the bride. Nor do you want to show up underdressed for a formal wedding, or overdressed for a casual wedding. We have gathered some tips from the experts on how to find the right style dresses for wedding guests.


→ Casual Wedding

This means that “anything goes” baring jeans and shorts of course, unless otherwise stated. A good idea as to what “wedding casual’ entails is that is similar to “business casual” A sundress or skirt and blouse is appropriate or a dressy pants suit. Your hair and make-up should be natural and not overstated.

Source: Alamour The Label


→ Semi-Formal Wedding

Your attire for a semi-formal wedding should fall somewhere between casual and more formal. Lighter colors and fabrics are best for a daytime wedding while darker colors and more formal attire are appropriate for an evening event. A cocktail dress or dressy top and skirt is recommended.

Source: Elle ZeiToune Designs


→ Beach Formal Wedding

Beach formal suggests an elegant affair. However, keep in mind that you will be outside on the beach so take factors such as sand, sun, and water into consideration. Think something along the lines of what you would wear to a romantic night out on a summer’s eve such as a classy sundress with sandals. Hair, makeup, and accessories should be natural and pretty

Source: Alamour The Label

→ Formal Wedding

Formal entails something a little more elegant and sophisticated. Not quite a black tie but still classy. A dress with a long skirt, a tasteful dress suit, or a tasteful cocktail dress in subduing tones should suffice.

Source: Revelry


→ Black-Tie Wedding

Next to a white tie, a black tie is the most formal dress attire that usually suggests an evening wedding. You should wear a classy cocktail dress or evening gown in neutral colors such as black, grey or brown.

Source: Milla Nova

→ White-Tie Wedding

White-tie weddings are the epitome of the formal occasion. You should wear something akin to what you would see on the Red Carpet. Think full-length, elegant ball gowns in neutral colors. You can go a bit overboard on your make-up, hair, and jewelry for a white-tie wedding.

Source: Mabel Galindo via Instagram

Of course, you may be invited to a theme wedding and the above rules do not apply. However, the majority of these rules hold true for every occasion. Should you have to dress according to a certain theme, it should be detailed on the wedding invitation.

Keep these tips in mind while you are shopping for wedding guest gowns and you will fit right in. Remember most of all to dress comfortably and stay true to your personality. The most important rule is to not draw the eyes of the bride. And most of all have a good time!


Tips On Finding Wedding Guest Gowns

Do Not Upstage The Bride

This should be obvious. However, you might get a bit carried away when shopping for your bridal guest dress. Steer away from dresses with sequins and ruffles galore. You don’t want to draw attention away from the bride. Remember this is her day so steer away from prom dresses or something that might confuse you with the bridal party.


Dress For The Season

Obviously, you don’t want to wear a heavy taffeta dress in the dead of summer, especially for an outdoor wedding. Nor do you want to wear a sundress to a winter wedding. The same applies to the time of day. Usually, evening weddings are more formal, while daytime weddings are a bit more casual. There are exceptions to this rule of course as every wedding is unique. Pay close attention to the invention for hints as to how to dress for the big event.

Weddings are family affairs and there will most likely be children present so do not wear an outfit that is low cut or revealing. As well, you want to show respect to the bride and groom and their families.

Don’t Show A Lot of Cleavage

You don’t want to wear a skin-tight dress that will inhibit you on the dance floor. Nor do you want any “wardrobe malfunctions” either so may certain that your dress will something that will not slip or show too much while you are shaking it up on the dance floor!


Wear Comfortable Shoes

You never know how much standing or walking you will have to do at the wedding so it is always wise to wear comfortable shoes. And don’t forget about dancing!