21 Vintage Wedding Dresses That You’ll Fall In Love

Planning to make a wedding party in Gatsby style? First of all, you have to prepare amazing vintage wedding dresses. In such a dress, you will look elegant and beautiful. Many people think these dresses are seemed too old, but modern designers can create the most charming gowns.

Don’t be afraid to choose vintage wedding gowns! Original dresses always are at the center of attention.


Vintage Lace Bridal Dresses

Sources: Grace Love LaceWona Concept, Berta


Jeweled Beaded Vintage Gowns

Sources:.FjollahaxhismajliBertaGalia Lahav


Long Sleeve Vintage Wedding Dresses

Sources: Emily Riggs Bridal, Leah Da Gloria, Alicia Rueda


Rustic Vintage Bridal Dresses

Sources: Oh Que LunaAnna Campbell, Marie Laporte

Simple Vintage Bridal Dresses

Sources:Berta, Hera Couture, Dimitrius Dalia


1950’s Vintage Wedding Gowns

Sources: Wona Concept, Leah Da Gloria, True Bride