21 Long Mother Of The Bride Dresses

I think you agree with me that mother at the wedding of her child should look dazzling. Thence, she needs a beautiful dress. That’s why we want to offer you a look at long mother of the bride dresses. Because, these dresses perfect for women of your age. So, in our selection you will find different variety of long mother of the bride and groom dresses for each seasons of the year. These popular styles will make a delightful you look!

Spring Mother Of The Bride Gowns

Source: Brian Leahy Photography, Kelly Larkin PhotographyJasmine Bridal

Fall Mother Of The Bride And Groom Gowns

Source: Fernando Claro Oleg CassiniVestidos de Festa via Instagram

Winter Dresses For Mother Of The Bride

Source: Fernando ClaroMon Cheri,  Fernando Claro

Summer Mother Of The Groom And Bride Dresses

Source: Brian Leahy Photography, Linea RaffaelliBLP Photography

Navy Dresses For Mother Of The Bride

Source: Oleg Cassini, Sarah PhotographyOleg Cassini

Gowns Ideas For Mother Of The Bride

Source: Brian Leahy Photography, Barey via InstagramPronovias