Trend Of The Year: 21 High Low Wedding Dresses

One of the hottest trends spotted at both New York Bridal Fashion Week and Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week this year is high low wedding dresses. This is the right decision between long and short varients. First of all, fashion forward styled dress surprise you with it’s modern style and elegant. Secondary, this dress will make an unforgettable bridal ever. Do not waist time, look and choose your favourite one as we make a collection from top designers of the world.

Simple High Low Bridal Gowns

Source: Beaute Comme Toi, Alon Livne, Milla Nova

Rustic High Low Bridal Dresses

Source: Rime Arodaky, Willoughby & Wolf, Riki Dalal

High Low Bridal Gowns With Wow Effect

Source: Said Mhamad Photography, Eva Lendel, Rebecca Schoneveld

High Low Wedding Gowns For Country Style Celebration

Source: Alessandro Angelozzi, Pinella Passaro, Elizabeth Dye

Summer Beach How Low Bridal Dresses

Source: JurgitaElbeth Gillis , Jarice Bridal

High Low Wedding Gowns With Sleeves

Source: Viero BridalSuzanne NevilleSophie Couture