24 Country Flower Girl Dresses That Are Pretty

On your wedding day, everything around should be perfect. When choosing a dress for yourself, don’t forget about your little girls. There are many variations of dresses, but if you’re looking for country flower girl dresses, in this case, our selection will please you!

Here you will find exciting rustic dresses, and perfect looks with sleeves, boots, and blue. View these infant flower girl dresses below! Get inspired!

Country western flower girl dresses from the countryside, paired with dainty bows, encapsulate a blend of natural beauty and elegance. The floral motifs celebrate rural charm, while carefully positioned bows infuse a hint of sweetness. These country style flower girl dresses harmonize countryside allure with graceful adornments, embodying a touch of pastoral romance.

The colored flower girl dresses country wedding infuses vibrant hues into rustic charm. Adorned with delicate blooms, these dresses embody youthful innocence amidst pastoral beauty. With a touch of color, they capture the essence of countryside enchantment, making the flower girls a delightful part of the natural tapestry of any event.


Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Source: Old Classic PhotographyVintage Rose by Hannah Aj, Arabella And Rose

Lace country flower girl dresses epitomize rustic elegance. Delicate lacework embellishes these dresses, infusing them with timeless charm. A perfect blend of countryside simplicity and refined details, these joyfolie flower girl dresses evoke an air of innocence and grace.


Rustic Flower Girl Dresses

Source: Revelry via Instagram, Grace Loves Lace, Fattiepie via Instagram

The country style rustic flower girl dresses exude natural charm. Cloaked in earthy tones and simple fabrics, her presence adds a touch of unpretentious beauty to any event. With a basket of blooms in hand, she symbolizes the simplicity of rural life while embodying the pure joy of the occasion.


Country Flower Girl Dresses With Boots

Source: Tea Princess via Instagram, Doloris Petunia, Tea Princess via Instagram

Country themed flower girl dresses with boots create a charmingly rustic ensemble. The dresses, often adorned with lace or floral details, complement the rugged elegance of boots perfectly. This combination exudes a laid-back yet stylish vibe, ideal for outdoor weddings or barn ceremonies. It’s a delightful fusion of country chic and traditional charm, reflecting the whimsy of rural romance.

Simple Flower Girl Dresses

Source: Laura Dean Photography, Lilly Red via Instagram, Jenny Yoo

Simple flower girl dresses for weddings embody understated elegance. With clean lines and modest designs, they celebrate the beauty of simplicity. These simple country flower girl dresses often feature subtle floral details or rustic elements that capture the essence of the countryside.


Casual Country Flower Girl Dresses

Source: La Petite Hayley Paige, Halle Morgan, Tali Photography

Casual weddings flower girl dresses exude charm with their simple yet elegant designs. Delicate lace, soft pastel hues, and flowing fabrics capture the essence of rustic beauty. Adornments like floral appliqués or ribbon sashes add a touch of whimsy. Perfect for outdoor weddings, these kids flower girl dresses allow flower girls to move freely while radiating natural grace and innocence.