21 Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas: Colourful and Unusual

Are you tired of traditional wedding attire? We have picked out the best alternative wedding dresses that’ll wow your guests. These bridal gowns for the bold bride to show their style. Perhaps white doesn’t suit your skin tone or maybe you want to surprise guests. Possibly, you know that punk, rock dresses, jumpsuits looks perfect on you, so why would you wear anything else? You can wear whatever you want — you’re a bride! You’re in luck, because we’ve carefully selected absolute masterpieces. Get ready to be wowed by all of these alternative wedding dress options.


Rock Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas

Source: Hayley Paige, Nasty Gall, Roncaglione Wedding Photography


Punk Bridal Gowns For Unique Wedding

Source: Majectic Velvet, Zahavit ThubaMajectic Velvet


Pantsuits Wedding Gowns For Modern Bride

Source: Danae Tobajas Couture via Instagram, Michael Kors, Toni Maticevski


Short Bridal Dresses For The Alternative Bride

Source: Rara Avis, LanestaRara Avis

Awesome Beach Wedding Gowns

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Casual Bridal Dresses You Must See

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Main photo: Grace Loves Lace