18 Floral Wedding Dresses For Magic Party

Sometimes we want to have a spring mood even if our wedding party is in winter or autumn. Except for different spring or summer decorations, you must choose floral wedding dresses. The range of various floral prints can make you confuse. We try to make your choice of floral dresses for weddings with short, white, open-back, sweetheart styles.

Beautiful floral wedding dresses capture the essence of romance with their ethereal charm. Soft petals and intricate blooms adorn the gown, creating a vision of love in full bloom. Each dress becomes a symbol of enchantment, wrapping the bride in a delicate embrace of floral romance


White Long Floral Dresses For Wedding

Source: Digio Bridal, Moonlight, Ayeh Khalatbari Photography via Instagram

White wedding dresses with floral embroidery exude timeless elegance. Delicate blossoms intricately stitched onto the fabric create a captivating tapestry of romance. Each petal and vine tells a story of love and beauty, turning the bride into a living embodiment of floral enchantment on her special day.


Watercolor Wedding Dresses Floral

Source: Moira Hughes, Moonlight, Rebecca Schoneveld

Watercolor floral long dresses for weddings evoke a dreamy elegance, blending delicate hues in fluid strokes. Each gown is a canvas of ethereal beauty, as petals and leaves cascade in gentle patterns. Embracing the bride with softness and grace, they become a poetic ode to love’s blossoming journey.


Colorful Floral Wedding Dresses

Source: Claire Pettibone, Suzanne Harward, Ronald Joyce

Floral wedding dresses with color, infusing ceremonies with effervescent charm. Soft pastels or bold hues splash across pristine white, embodying the essence of romance and nature’s splendor. Each petal whispers tales of love, weaving a tapestry of blossoms that dance with the bride, a vision of enchantment and grace


Bohemian Floral Wedding Dresses

Source: Monique Lhuiller, Stylishbrideaccs via Instagram, Willow By Watters

Boho lace floral wedding dresses epitomize free-spirited elegance. Delicate lace intertwines with whimsical floral accents, embodying the essence of bohemian romance. Each gown exudes an effortless charm, as nature-inspired details cascade gracefully, creating a vision of ethereal beauty for the bride’s special day.

Plus Size Floral Dresses For Wedding

Source: Ronald Joyce. Studio Levana , Ronald Joyce

Floral wedding dresses plus size brides celebrate every curve with elegance. Blooms cascade across the fabric, enhancing beauty in all its forms. Plus size floral wedding dresses embraces the bride with grace and confidence, weaving a tapestry of floral enchantment tailored to celebrate love in its full spectrum.