9 Camo Wedding Dresses For the Modern Bride: Thinking Outside The Box

Camo wedding dresses? Have you ever considered the possibility of a camouflage style wedding dress as an alternative to the traditional white gown? Not every bride wants to walk down the aisle in a frilly white wedding dress. And quite honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. If camo if your thing, a trendy camo wedding dress might be exactly what you’re looking for! Believe it or not, camouflage wedding dresses are among the most popular bridal wedding dress trends for the modern bride.

We are sure that when you think camouflage, you are thinking about military-style clothing, but this is not the case. Camo has come a long way in recent years and you will be pleasantly surprised. From camo prom dresses to camo style wedding gowns, the camouflage fashion trend has taken the world by storm. From short camo dresses to camo dresses with trains, you will be sure to find a camo dress that catches your eye.

If you want to stand out from the crowd in a truly original wedding dress, camo wedding dresses are a great way to express your individual style! Still not convinced? Take a look at some of these gorgeous camouflage wedding gowns and you just may change your mind!

Not every bride has the funds for a designer wedding gown. And the good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to have the gown of your dreams! This includes camo wedding dresses as well! If you are a skilled seamstress, or know someone who is, you can easily design your own camo wedding gown. If you aren’t blessed with dress-making skills, you can easily find the dress of your dreams on your budget. Look online and visit thrift shops, consignment stores, and bridal expos!


White Camo Wedding Dress

Source: Camo Formal via Facebook

Do you still want a traditional white wedding dress, but are in love with all things camouflage? Have no fear, you can certainly find a white camo wedding dress that will look both elegant and unusual! There are elegant white dresses with camouflage elements that will make you extraordinarily gorgeous! A customary white gown with some subtle camo accents is a great way to make your dress unique and glamorous! For an even more trendy look, you can incorporate camo accents into your gown and style your bridesmaids dresses to match the camo accents. This will be a very striking combination while keeping it modern and edgy!


Pink Camo Bridal Gown

Source: Camo Formal via Facebook

When it comes to wedding dress colors, pink has always been one of the most popular choices for the bride who doesn’t want to wear white. And what better way to show your love for pink than with a stunning pink camo wedding dress? When one thinks of traditional camouflage patterns, they tend to think of natural shades of green, gray and tan. However, pink camouflage is very popular these days as it adds a hint of femininity and romance to ordinary camouflage hues. If you want a look that’s girly and chic, pink camo is the way to go!


Camo Wedding Gown With Orange Accent

Source: Camo Formal via Facebook

If you want to brighten things up a bit, why not try some orange accents in your camouflage print? Orange is the perfect complement to the earthy hues of camouflage. As well, orange tones are perfect for a Fall or Halloween wedding. As well, orange accents or embellishments are ideal for an outdoor wedding. Imagine how pretty your camo wedding dress will look with colorful sunflowers or brightly decorated jack o’lanterns in the background! Don’t be afraid to be gold and experiment with different colors. Who says you have to stick with a standard white gown?


Short Camo Bridal Dress

Source: Samuels Photography

For those who want to be able to show off their legs or not feel encumbered by a long wedding gown, a short camo dress is a perfect solution. As well, a shorter dress is one that you might be able to wear again in the future, or for those who are afraid of ruining their long, frilly gown. Another advantage of a shorter camo wedding dress is that it gives you more flexibility. You will be able to shake it up on the dance floor without feeling overwhelmed by a floor length dress with a long train. And a short dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding, such as beach wedding.

Camo Bridal Gown With Boots

Source: The Photography of Oz via Instagram

Many brides are opting for boots as opposed to more traditional wedding shoes such as heels or sandals. Boots and camo bridal gowns are both unusual and stylish. Many weddings with camo style gowns are also country themed or rustic weddings. In this case, boots would be more suitable and stylish than traditional heels. From cowboy boots to army boots, you will be sure to find the perfect boots to match your camo style wedding dress.


Country Wedding Gown For Bride

Source:  Camo Formal via Facebook

If you are having a country wedding, a camo wedding dress is the perfect style dress, as country weddings usually involve the great outdoors. Most country weddings are held in cornfields, forests, national parks or the mountains. Picture a gorgeous country style camo wedding down with a-line or perhaps a sheath dress with camo embellishments. A camo bridal wedding dress with a cowboy hat and boots is very modern and chic!

Camouflage Wedding Dress For Plus Size

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Camouflage wedding dress looks great on brides of any size, shape or stature. The plus size bride will look stunning in a trendy camouflage dress, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.


Mermaid Camo Bridal Gown

Source: Misses Dressy via Instagram

Mermaid wedding gowns are very popular for those who have the kind of figure that can pull them off. If you have a sexy, hourglass figure, you can totally pull off a mermaid style gown. A mermaid camo wedding dresses are a very chic and stylish combination that can express your unique sense of style as well as enhance your natural beauty. A mermaid style gown is a great choice for an elegant wedding such a cathedral wedding or a formal beach wedding.

Accessories For Camo Wedding Dresses

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The best thing about camo wedding dresses is that there is a number of ways to accessories such a wedding dress. You can wear a cowboy hat and studded boots or even army gear. Of if you want to choose a traditional wedding dress, you can opt for camo style bridal accessories that will compliment your customary white wedding gown. From garters to gloves or even an army jacket, the sky’s the limit when it comes to trendy camo wedding gown accessories. As well, you can add camo accessories to your wedding hairdos such as a camo hat or hair clip. Or if you want to spice things up on your wedding night, why not chose some sexy camo lingerie?


Camo Shoes & Boots

Source: Real Tree, Northern Ontario Huntress, Jenifer Northeast via Facebook

If you are going for a camouflage theme for your bridal attire, you look should be harmonious this includes your shoes as well. You don’t want to wear sequins heels with a camo wedding gown. You can easily opt for camouflage style bridal shoes, where it be heels or flats. Moreover, there are dozens of styles of camouflage boots that you can wear with your trendy and sexy camo wedding dress!

If you are planning a rustic or country themed wedding or even a military style wedding, you will want your groom to wear camo as well. Your fiance could wear anything from full army camo gear to a simple camo vest. Even a camo tie would go along with the theme.

To keep things in synch, you will want your bridal party to sport some camo details as well. Your bridesmaids could have matching short camo dresses for a summer wedding and your groomsmen could wear matching camo vests and or ties with their attire. You want your wedding party to be humorous and in sync with your overall theme. As well your wedding decor should also have elements of camouflage as well. Whether it be centerpieces or camo style napkins, you want to incorporate camo accent into every aspect of your wedding.

Have you fallen in love with the idea of a camouflage style wedding dress? We hope our gallery of camo wedding dresses has inspired you to stand out from the crowd!

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