Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes become one of the wedding accessories to adorn the brides’ look. Therefore, lots of brides spend their budget and energy to get the best shoes for their important wedding moment. Out there, a bride will find many styles of wedding shoes with different accessories and embellishments. Crystals are now much used to beautify the wedding shoes. Crystal wedding shoes are very stunning and elegant.


Wedding shoes or bridal shoes varies from its materials and models. They must be appropriate with your taste and personality. Leather shoes combined with lines or lace and some crystals and adorned with classic or modern silhouette must go harmoniously with your wedding gowns or dresses. The various models of wedding shoes and wedding sandals have made the brides get confused to choose the best one.

We are used to see and expect brides to wear the purely white dress. In this case the shoes can be alike or easily any color wanted. But what is the best color shoes to go with ivory wedding dress? Not that much of difference between ivory and white but still they don’t quite match.

Modern wedding shoes in colors if white is what you are used to see at almost all brides some may come with an off white view. And here it is included ivory, pearls, cream or slightly beige nuance. But you can do more than this and come with a vivid, intense nuance; as long as you match this color with the bridal bouquet and it all works as part of the wedding colors you gain the super effect of attention catcher.

Matching shoes is not a requirement. Hence the wedding colors, the flowers bouquet colors are some influences. The bride has to make a correlation between her outfit and the wedding decor. So if it is not the easy way of white matching with anything else then there must be found another common point.