Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

We all remember as children those days spent inside the house cutting, pasting and crayoning a colour montage of pictures from magazines for our butcher-paper scrapbook. Well just as we have grown up, so has the art of scrapbooking. A very large industry in North America, scrapbooking is becoming more and more popular here in Australia. Butcher’s paper has made way for a very large range of special photo-safe papers; and intricate decorations, stickers, stamps, glitter and lettering, have replaced crayoned doodles.


Scrapbooks, or Memory Albums, as they are also known, tell a story through decoration and narration in a way that a traditional photo album cannot. Memory Albums are basically comprised of three elements:

  1. Your photographs and other meaningful items (such as invitations, flowers, confetti etc.);
  2. Your written narration and personal feelings which explain the who, what, when and where; and
  3. The decoration and embellishment on each page.

By telling a story, you are creating a monument to events in your life that future generations will easily understand and identify with. Your wedding is a perfect topic for a Memory Album and provides a great opportunity for you as newly weds to spend some fun time together immortalising your wedding memories.

The beauty of scrapbooking is that you don’t necessarily need to be a creative genius. It is not a work of art; it is a work from the heart. To make it easier, suppliers have produced theme paper and sticker sets for almost any topic you can think of. If you prefer to let your imagination run wild, you can start with a plain colour and build your own theme from there. It is imperative, however, that the products you use are acid and lignin-free. This will ensure that your photographs are stored safely.

Not sure where to start? Well if there is no scrapbook supplier or classes in your area, the Internet is a great resource, not only for supplies, but also for layout ideas. But be warned! You might get so hooked on scrapbooking that you’ll be creating Memory Albums for every special event in your lives!