Wedding Photography

Photography is an important part of any wedding because it provides you with mementos of your special day that should last the rest of your life.

Choosing Your photographer
Choosing a photographer is a pretty scary thought…you want to get it right because you don’t get a second chance.


Most people rely on referral and or reputation, but make sure you also choose a photographer who is a member of a reputable photographic organisation. Professional membership gives photographers a certain standing within the industry and should be an assurance that you have placed your trust deservedly.

Particularly when dealing with large studios, ask exactly who will be taking your photographs and ask to see their work. Some studios rest on the reputation of a name, however, although you might be under the impression that this person will be taking your photos, you may get a junior in the studio turn up at your wedding.

Ask what you will get for your money and what if any additional costs may be involved. Be sure to ask how much will reprints and enlargements cost….you don’t want to end up with proofs that you can’t afford to get copies of!

Although your photographer is there to take photos and capture the emotions of your day they also have another role. They are with you and keeping a close eye on you all day and therefore should make sure you and the rest of your wedding party are looking your best. This might mean making sure your make-up is looking fresh, ensuring your dress sits properly, removing fluff or threads from clothes, straightening bow ties, correcting someone’s posture etc. Therefore, your photographer should be someone you feel comfortable with and have confidence in.

Why a Professional

“But Uncle Jack takes nice photos…why should I pay a professional?”

Well what would Uncle Jack do if something went wrong? Professional wedding photographers know the times during a wedding when film can be changed without losing important shots. They also know what problems to expect, and are usually prepared for them before they happen.

Sure, you might save money by having a friend or relative take your photographs, but remember, the cake will be eaten, the guests will go home, your dress will be put aside, the flowers wilted, but your precious photos are forever!

Presentation of your photos is something you should consider when you are budgeting for your wedding. A nice album will make your photos more appealing to show off to family and friends and provide protection for your images.

Photos should be kept somewhere dry away from moisture and not left in heat. All colour fades, but looking after your photos will slow down the process. Albums that let your photos “breathe” are best. If they are suffocated under plastic, moisture can get in and damage your photographs. Enlargements can have protective treatments to help protect while on display. These factors are certainly much more important for people living in coastal regions.