Wedding Day Hairstyles

Choosing Your Salon
If you are looking for a hairdressing salon to look after you on your day there are a few things to consider.

How professional are the Salon in their organisation or booking procedures?


The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be stressed because the salon has no record of your booking, or because they are unorganised and running late. If you are unsure of the salon, book in for a blow wave or style and see how they operate.

How experienced are they with wedding styles? Ask plenty of questions, and ask to see photos. You need to make sure that they are trained in up-styles or are familiar with securing headpieces or veils. Some salons prefer not to service wedding parties so before booking-in make sure you do your homework!

Word of mouth is always the best recommendation! Ask your married friends or family who did their wedding day hair and what they thought of the service. They’ll tell you if they had a bad experience.

Making Your Booking
You should make sure you book your appointment well in advance. Some salons will only service one wedding at a time, especially when the whole bridal party is involved, so if you really want that salon, you’ll have to get in early!

In our salon we have a professional approach which starts with a wedding consultation, preferably about six months before the wedding. We will not take wedding day bookings over the phone.

The consultation goes for approximately 20 minutes and during this time we obtain as much information as we need about the bride’s wishes and how we can fulfil these wishes on the day. We also advise on how to ensure that their hair is in the best possible condition on the day.

The best part about this early preparation is that on the day a bride can walk in and know exactly what to expect. We want their time in our salon to be relaxing, not stressful!

We establish:

  • How many people are in the wedding party – this gives us an idea on the timing necessary
  • Where the ceremony and reception will be held – eg. if the wedding is outside, we might suggest that some styles may not be appropriate if the weather is windy
  • The date and time – we need to make sure we can fit the booking in and that the bride has allocated enough time to get everything done
  • Who the wedding photographer will be – they may like to come and take photos in the salon
  • Who the make-up artist will be – we have an artist in our salon
  • Who we recommend as it saves some travelling time on the day
  • What the bride and bridesmaids are wearing – we can suggest styles which suit
  • What accessories (eg. flowers, veil, headpiece or tiara) will be worn in the hair

If your hairdresser doesn’t have a similar consultation, then it is wise when booking to give as many of the above details to them as you can. From this sort of information your hairdresser can put together a picture of what your wedding day plans are and how they fit into them.