Two Tips To Choose Wedding Dresses

Some bride-to-be may not know how to choose her wedding dresses and feel confused. Now I hope some my experience can help.


1. About Color of  Wedding Dresses

It is not necessary for bride to buy a pure white bridal gowns. Pure white wedding dress is not a necessarily. With the ever-changing fashion trends, the colors of wedding dresses no longer limit in white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors. In recent years, wedding dresses in other colors are becoming more and more popular, such as pink wedding dresses, dark green wedding dresses, and purple wedding dresses. To choose a non-white wedding dresses would be good for bride, which make her look special.

Pink A Line Wedding Dresses

In fact, the most important thing about the wedding dresses in not the color. Brides must try avoiding that the color of wedding dresses is unbecoming to her complexion. And then there are no other big problems.

2. About Several Wedding Dresses Fabrics

The fabrics of wedding dresses mainly include satin, thick satin, bright satin, Lace, crystal yarn, Organza, taffeta etc.

Lace: Generally, Lace is used as the edge of the decoration and embellishment designs; also a large area of lace is also used in wedding clothes body and bottom. By designing beautifully with unique technology and refined processing, logo embossed pattern has a slight effect. And touch is gentle, very expensive.

Filature/Synthetic Fiber: Filature is stiff, not easy to wrinkle, affordable and popular. But filature is a little uncomfortable.
Chiffon: Chiffon fabrics is light, elegant, with flexible wire, and thin features, soft touch, look refreshing and cool, more suitable for summer wear.

Silk: Silk wedding dresses are elegant. Gorgeous royal wedding dresses are always made of silk. It is expensive, and easy to wrinkle. It should be taken carefully.

Satin: Satin fabric is thick. Very common in wedding gowns, satin is a densely woven silk with a lustrous sheen on one side.

Crystal yarn: Crystal yarn tough a little hard, with good transparency. Little weight and thin.

Taffeta: features are light and slippery, easy to print watermarks in the fabric or wood and other floral designs, suitable for summer and autumn wear.

Organza: more light and elegant, very thin and transparent, and feel a little stiffness, the material is suitable for Punta type profile, man-made fiber yarn Ko root the price was cheaper.