Trends For Millennium Brides

Millenium Brides opt to choose modern bouquets rather than the traditional wired trailing bouquets. The most popular flower is still the Rose, followed by Lily and Gerber’s.


The combination of bridal pink roses with silver tinted white roses with silver tinted camelia leaves is popular for the millenium. It is feminine yet modern. For brides that are after more colours, Mascara Roses (deep, hot pink roses) and Black Magic Roses (deep rich velvety red roses with almost black tips), are well liked. Another combination that is finding its way up the popularity chart is the combination of the 3 primary colours: red Gerberas, yellow Freesias and blue Irises. It is a bold and happy arrangement.

 For the Church, floral arrangements for the pew ends are a must. They look lovely in photographs and add colours to the church. Pew ends arrangements range from a simple, elegant bow to a hanging posy of flowers. Tall arrangements on either side of the altar makes the altar the centre of the attention, which it is, as that is where the bride and the groom exchange their vows.

In the Reception, flowers are crucial to set the tone and the mood of the whole party. Flowers can coordinate the theme of the party from formally elegant to a much more relaxed, informal theme. Well-coordinated tall table centrepieces add height and volume to the room.

Tall candelabras with ivy leaves and rose petals are romantic and beautiful. The bridal table should be decorated with the coordinated flowers as well as it is the centre of attention for the evening.