Chinese Wedding Dresses

Many foreigners have to know the Chinese shift dress. Today, there are also many people wear it. Especially in some major holidays. But many Chinese brides love the traditional Chinese wedding dresses. In 1980, the Chinese wedding dress is widespread.


Almost mostly Chinese wedding dresses are red. And many Chinese want something nice to decorate the clothes brewing. Main Gengenstand Schlicher is the Phoenix. In china phoenix is ​​a symbol for women. Phoenix Sun is at the wedding will come. Many people in China believe that red color they can bring the happiness and it is also a symbol for the beginning of the marriage.

The wedding dresses is an essential part of a Chinese wedding ceremony. However, contrary to Western traditions wherein white is the color of choice, Chinese people prefer that the bride wear red. This is because red connotes joy and good luck. It is best to take time in finding the best red wedding dresses. In your search, however, it is essential to take note that a traditional Chinese wedding dress for women is usually a one-piece dress called a qipao or the cheongsam. Men, on the other hand, usually wear front-closing tunics called da gua. Both the women’s and men’s dresses are generally adorned with golden phoenix and dragon designs.

To finish an over-all look and feel, a red veil piece is usually the component of the bride’ s outfit for covering her deal with while in the ceremony procession. Often manufactured of treasured silk fabrics, Chinese bridal dresses may be the notable attributes and there may be practically nothing can match the passion and allure of red Chinese wedding dresses in the wedding ceremony ceremony.

The traditional Chinese wedding dress in northern China usually is one-piece frock named Qi Pao, embroidered with elaborate gold and silver designs. Brides from southern China usually wear two-piece dress named Qun Gua, Kwa or Cheongsam, also elaborately adorned with golden phoenix and dragon. In the old days, a piece of red veil is part of the bride’s costume to cover her face during the wedding ceremony. Newlyweds would see each other’s face for the first time on their wedding night.