Alternative Wedding Dresses Ideas

Marriage is the best time to wear something that truly reflects your personality. A non-traditional wedding gown can be a good alternative for expressing your dream dress. The biggest challenge is to decide the best style of the many unique styles. There are alternatives to consider if you want something extraordinary. This is an alternative to the wedding dress designs and colors to follow your own style. One is to choose a wedding dress themed. For example, if you want a fairytale wedding, the beach, inspired vintage style or romantic themed wedding. Whatever it will be very exciting to be made for your special day.
Apart from the customary white gowns and color scheme bride’s maid dresses, you can always wear alternative wedding dresses of any color you like.

This alternative wedding dress is a ballroom bodice, small sleeves can be added as well. The wedding dress design has laces in back, but you can include a modesty panel for the back so it is more adjustable. The bodice is lined in crepe back satin and has some boning. This shows a black Venise lace applique on the bodice. As an alternative, you can trim the bodice however you like with different laces, even a ruffle around the top…


Alternative wedding dresses the skirt is the Parisian Victorian reproduction skirt. There are two draped pieces on the front with trims, side panels can be the same color or a 2nd color, shown with a black side panel here.

The back has bustles in the top, a ruffle under that – a train – and there is a ruffle all the way around the bottom and a Venise lace trim over that. You can trim and ruffle it any way you want or includes a bustling pill and a-line slip. If you want a real bustled slip that holds it out more, you can find those online.